Wednesday Evening Ministries


There are Wednesday evening “ministries” available for everyone in the family.  By “ministries,” we mean gatherings and activities designed not to fill a “program space” but to help people grow in their relationship with each other and with God.  To facilitate spiritual and relational growth, each Wednesday evening ministry strives to bring “Bible” and “life” together.  Everyone is welcome.


Youth Group, 6:30 – Youth Room
The youth meet together for worship, fellowship, and teaching


Women’s Bible Study Group, 6:30 – C.I.A. Classroom
This women’s group is a gathering place for women who wish to engage in specific studies that apply most directly to their life as a woman of God.  The group is a “safe” place for women, a place where feelings can be shared, where prayers for one another are prayed, and where women can experience the bond of sisterhood in Christ.


Bible Study Group, 6:30 – Fellowship Hall
Led by Minister, Steve Page, this study presents a great opportunity to delve more deeply into Scripture and its application to life.  The discussions are interactive, providing plenty of time for questions.


Mom's Group, 6:30 - College/Career Classroom

An informal gathering where mom's receive encouragement, build friendships with other moms, and share in discussions aimed at developing spiritually healthy children.


Choir Rehearsal, 7:30 - Sanctuary

His Praise Worship Choir gathers for one hour for rehearsal, fellowship and prayer.