Mom' Group

Wednesday Evenings (6:30 - College/Career Classroom)


An informal gathering where mom's receive encouragement, build friendships with other moms, and share in discussions aimed at developing spiritually healthy children.


Sermon Discussion Group

Sunday Evening (6:00, Sanctuary)

An informal discussion of the Sunday Morning preaching passage that delves more deeply into the passage through teaching and group discussion.

Women’s Bible Study Group

Wednesday Evenings (6:30, CIA classroom)

This women’s group is a gathering place for women who wish to engage in specific studies that apply most directly to their life as a woman of God.  The group is a “safe” place for women, a place where feelings can be shared, where prayers for one another are prayed, and where women can experience the bond of sisterhood in Christ.

Bible Study Group

Wednesday Evenings (6:30, Fellowship Hall)

Led by Minister, Steve Page, this study presents a great opportunity to delve more deeply into Scripture and its application to life.  The discussions are interactive, providing plenty of time for questions.    

Joyful Saints


If you enjoy taking in a play - if you enjoying going to concerts - if you enjoy lunch out at the lake - then you will enjoy the Joyful Saints. The Joyful Saints are a diverse group, varying in age and stage of life. While most Joyful Saints are retired, some are not.

The Joyful Saints are one of the most active ministries of Central Holston. In addition to attending plays and concerts together, the Joyful Saints also enjoy a monthly breakfast together and host special luncheons throughout the year, like Valentine’s Day.

The Joyful Saints is a wonderful way to “get connected” at Central Holston, to make new friends, and to be encouraged in your faith by other believers.





Ladies Fellowship


Ladies . . . have you ever wanted to make new friends at church or get involved in serving at the church but didn’t know how?  The Ladies Fellowship is a wonderful place where women can interact with other women who are experiencing similar challenges at home and in the workforce—it is a place where life-long friendships are forged—it is an opportunity to discover your place in ministry.

The Ladies Fellowship proudly participates in several areas of ministry including the support of a child through World Vision Ministries, the Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Virginia, the UT Christian Student Ministry on the University of Tennessee campus, and the Campus House student ministry located at ETSU.  

The group also hosts an annual banquet for girls and women of all ages, and helps to raise funds (through bake sales and soup lunches) for purchasing items needed by the church (like tables for children’s Sunday school classes and an ice maker for the church picnic shelter).

The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  We hope you will join us (finger-foods and snacks provided!).

Sunday School Ministries


Living a faithful, Christian life is hard.  A “faith-family,” however, can provide much needed support and encouragement while striving to live a faithful life for God—this is the goal of Sunday School at Central Holston.

While “church” (corporate worship) plays an important role in one’s faith and spiritual well-being, there is no substitute for sharing life with other believers in a small, informal setting like Sunday School.

Central Holston has a strong Sunday School ministry, with approximately 65% of regular worshippers taking part in a Sunday School group, weekly.  We invite you to join us!

Adult classes meeting at 10:00 a.m. Sunday mornings

College/Career – Ages 19-25 (students and/or those working)
Pathfinders – Ages 25 – 45
C.I.A. – Age 45 plus
J.O.Y. – Age 50 plus
Loyal Workers – Age 60 plus