Crossing the River of Faith

“Crossing the River of Faith” represents Central Holston’s vision of building a new worship center on approximately 14 acres of land on the other side of Holston River, at the crossroads between Hickory Tree Road and Sugar Hollow Road.  The church purchased the property in April, 1998, with plans to build on the property in the future.  Thanks to the sacrifice of many, the loan on the property was paid off in 2005.

In November, 2005, the congregation agreed to launch the Kingdom Victory Campaign, a three-year capital campaign to raise funds for a new facility.  By completion of the campaign, over $250,000 had been raised.  Throughout the campaign, 10% of all contributions were appropriated toward various mission ministries.

In November of 2008, Central Holston’s leaders unanimously agreed to found the Crossing the River of Faith Fund where all contributions toward the new worship facility are now directed.  The leaders and congregation chose to continue the practice of dispersing 10% of all contributions to mission ministry.

The “Crossing the River of Faith” theme was inspired by the narrative in Joshua 3 depicting the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land.  The Jordan crossing represented not only a change in location for the Israelites but the fulfilling of God’s call on the Israelite people, a calling that demanded faith on the part of the Israelites.  These Israelites were not there forty years earlier when God parted the Red Sea, and they had never seen God do anything so miraculous.  Moreover, the Jordan was at flood stage (v. 15).  Yet, with Joshua and the priests leading the way, God called the Israelites to cross over the Jordan, a miracle for God and act of faith by the Israelites.

Central Holston sees her own story reflected in the Joshua 3 narrative.  Before Central Holston is the Holston River, a river that must be crossed over if Central Holston is to fulfill God’s calling of ministry in the East Sullivan County community.  For Central Holston, the Holston River is a river of faith because crossing it will require faith.

God has, and continues to do, much to prepare Central Holston for crossing the Holston River.  The new property (across the river) is paid for—the church carries no debt—the current building sits on highly-valued, beautiful river-front property—and over $250,000 was contributed to the initial fund-raising campaign, the Kingdom Victory Campaign.

Currently the Strategic Planning Team, (made up of elders and six people from the congregation including the Senior Pastor), is working with a builder and architect to design a new worship facility.  The team hopes to present drawings of the facility to the congregation in early fall, 2009.  The team is also working to determine when the congregation might break ground on the new worship center.  The team hopes to present a financial plan to the congregation before the end of the year, 2009.